Dear Visitor,
My name is Petra Eros, graduated as Graphic Designer (BA) in 2022 from the Royal Academy of Arts, in The Hague.

In my practise, I am most interested in constructing systems with a strong emphasis on minimalist yet bold typography and the use of visual symbolism. I feel more connected and confident in the digital realm, and have a great interest combining 'standard' tools for design with new media techologies. Besides professional commissions, I run an artistic practise that focuses more on exploring the performative aspect of live coding, collaborative practises of ‘hacking’ and virtual world-building. Life motto I live by is to never stop being curious and always ask the difficult questions.

Get in touch
Phone: +31682190752

Graphic Design Department, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
Internship: DE_FORM Design Agency

Involved in
Event Role
IABR:Down to Earth – NOW! curation, graphic designer
Hackers and Designers Summer School 2021 participant
3345 Summer Stream VJ
BOOM Amsterdam: Night by the Young participant (Terraforming)
Live Coding Session #4 performer