I’m Petra Eros, based in The Hague. I am about to be a bachelor graduate of Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (2022).

My interest in design is constructing visual systems with a strong emphasis on minimalist yet bold typography and visual symbolism. Currently I am pursuing to learn developing the web version of my work as well. My artistic practise focuses more on exploring the performative aspect of live coding, collaborative practises of ‘hacking’ and virtual world-building. My motto is never stop being curious and always ask the difficult questions.

Contact info
Email: petra.eros@yahoo.com
Instagram: arteperos.xyz
Phone: +31682190752

Graphic Design Department, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
Internship: DE_FORM Design Agency

Involved in
Event Role
IABR:Down to Earth – NOW! curation, graphic designer
Hackers and Designers Summer School 2021 participant
3345 Summer Stream VJ
BOOM Amsterdam: Night by the Young participant (Terraforming)
Live Coding Session #4 performer